Sunday, 27 February 2011

Dinner outfit!

Yesterday, the family and I went out for a pub meal to celebrate Mum's birthday ( Even though hers is actually on the 4th!)

I had a lovely meal at one of our favorite places to eat!
I had Mussels for starters which had  a gorgeous 'taste of the ocean' to it! Then for main, I had chicken wrapped  in bacon with a mushroom sauce, as usual the portions were massive, and a little daunting to someone like me :)
The dessert menus came around, and I just couldn't resist the chocolate brownie with vanilla icecream - BLISS!

I didn't really know what to wear, as the weather is in that in-betweeny kind of stage at the moment. Rain one minute, sun the next! I was planning on wearing the long skirt (in my preveous blog!), but I wasn't sure what shoes to wear with it... whilst still maintaining it's vintage appeal. So after consideration, deliberation, and about 10 outfit changes, I decided on a white Jane Norman skirt ; it has such pretty underskirts to it! and a bright pink Joules/Mary King range t-shirt ; not really vintage I know, but it's still ever so nice! then I just wore these with black THICK (it was freezing!) tights, and brown New Look brogues, and a purple pearl necklace i've had since forever!
I also wore my new coat from Matalan (Shhh!) to keep off the chill to and from the car!

At the moment I'm laying in bed listening to a quaint little radio programme, and horse riding at half ten! Oh the life of a vintage 15 year old! More later!
Kitty <3

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