Sunday, 24 April 2011

Happy Easter lovelys!

Happy Easter everyone, weather your celebrating or not, i hope you have a great day!!

I'm feeling quite relaxed today, just been for my morning ride at the village stables. Unfortunately, i had underestimated the heat, and  ended up being so hot in my longsleved top. BAD IDEA!
Got back home to get cracking ( ;) ) on my easter egg, good old cadburys creme eggs! Yummmm :) and i have a   peppa pig surprise egg for later :D
Also, as tomorrow iis the bank holiday, i dont have school. so i don't have that awful sunday 'school tomorrow' feeling :)

Friday, 22 April 2011

Well hello darlings.

Hello everyone,
I am fully aware i haven't posted in what seems like forever! I do have excuses, however they are quite poor!
* I have been in Spain, for a week on a Hockey tour ; one of the best weeks of my life for sure!
* I have been focussing on my youtube channel  ( MissBalletKitty ) PLEASE CHECK IT OUT!
* I am lazy.

The latter the primary reason...

Hot weather seduces me into watching Atonement!!!
In the UK at the moment, it is very hot ; reaching 25 degrees in some parts. Far to hot for a fair skinned girl like me, but surprisingly I am quite enjoying it!  It's weather like this that draws me to watch films like Atonement!

This kind of weather also makes me dream of wearing white and whimsical dresses, and delicate ladylike pieces  such as theses below;

My personal favourite!


Monday, 28 February 2011

Charity Shop Haul!!

It is actually so sad how happy I am with these purchases!
I had seen the shoes in the British Heart Foundation charity shop last week, and didn't get them (no idea why!) and regretted it until today, i went in and found them IN MY SIZE , then had a quick browse on the rails and found this GORGEOUS L.K Bennett 'reminiscent of the 40s' dress! SO SO HAPPY!
I did a bit of reseearch on L.K Bennett, as i'd heared of it, but hadn't seen any of their garments, and the cheapest dress they had was £115, and i spent 8 quid on this corker!
The shoes were £7 also!

Atonement outfits..

If anyone knows where I could get either of these outfits, then PLEASE comment below!

Both outfits are absolutely gorgeous!

Sunday, 27 February 2011

Dinner Outfit :)

My outfit ; deconstructed, together, and jewellery that I wore !

Dinner outfit!

Yesterday, the family and I went out for a pub meal to celebrate Mum's birthday ( Even though hers is actually on the 4th!)

I had a lovely meal at one of our favorite places to eat!
I had Mussels for starters which had  a gorgeous 'taste of the ocean' to it! Then for main, I had chicken wrapped  in bacon with a mushroom sauce, as usual the portions were massive, and a little daunting to someone like me :)
The dessert menus came around, and I just couldn't resist the chocolate brownie with vanilla icecream - BLISS!

I didn't really know what to wear, as the weather is in that in-betweeny kind of stage at the moment. Rain one minute, sun the next! I was planning on wearing the long skirt (in my preveous blog!), but I wasn't sure what shoes to wear with it... whilst still maintaining it's vintage appeal. So after consideration, deliberation, and about 10 outfit changes, I decided on a white Jane Norman skirt ; it has such pretty underskirts to it! and a bright pink Joules/Mary King range t-shirt ; not really vintage I know, but it's still ever so nice! then I just wore these with black THICK (it was freezing!) tights, and brown New Look brogues, and a purple pearl necklace i've had since forever!
I also wore my new coat from Matalan (Shhh!) to keep off the chill to and from the car!

At the moment I'm laying in bed listening to a quaint little radio programme, and horse riding at half ten! Oh the life of a vintage 15 year old! More later!
Kitty <3

Friday, 25 February 2011

Vintage Life: Good afternoon!

Vintage Life: Good afternoon!: "Surprisingly enough, I am actually awake/alert. I went shopping today and bought a lovely maxi skirt for when I go to watch the ballet. If ..."

Good afternoon!

Surprisingly enough, I am actually awake/alert.

I went shopping today and bought a lovely maxi skirt for when I go to watch the ballet.
If I can figure out how, then I shall put up a picture for anyone ( Anyone at all!) who is mad enough to read this :)
Sorry, did I say mad? I meant lovely <3

I'm not actually sure if this blog is even working. Well hay ho. It can be my secret confidante! Hahaa, now you'll all keep reading for my most intimate secrets ! AND, I shall make sure they are shared. All in good time.

Yeah so if you can read this, then please comment. PLEASE. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE? Just so I feel loved :)

OK, so I'm in a fairly good mood at the moment. Which is rare!
I went for a casual 5 mile walk this morning across the fields and my love for nature, the outdoors, and all things pretty/grand/vingage'y' was re-affirmed. Although now my feet are sore...
Yesterday I watched a lovely programme on entertainment during WW2, just hearing the Jitterbug music made me want to be from that era!

Hmm, I have a love hate relationship with nail polish. Currently, red Barry M. nail polish.
I love to paint my nails and see them painted. BUT alas, as soon as a tiny chip appears in it, it  ALL *HAS* to come off. I think peeling it is half the pleasure of the varnish it'self...

Sorry for the poor picture quality!

Thursday, 24 February 2011

What this is all about!

Hello everyone!

Basically, this is going to be my Blog on fashion; in particular, vintage fashion.
I shall probably also include other bits and pieces about me, my life, ambitions, current world news and other topics from my perspective.
Just a bit of background information on me -
I am fairly old fashioned. I live in a quiet village ; almost idyllic!
But as any life does, it has it's excitements and traumas!

On this I hope to just type what I feel about life in general. Whether anyone reads it or not is another matter :)
As expected, my Blog will probably be a bit ropey, and a little ameature, although I hope it becomes more interesting for you to read, as I become a better blogger! Hopefully...