Friday, 25 February 2011

Good afternoon!

Surprisingly enough, I am actually awake/alert.

I went shopping today and bought a lovely maxi skirt for when I go to watch the ballet.
If I can figure out how, then I shall put up a picture for anyone ( Anyone at all!) who is mad enough to read this :)
Sorry, did I say mad? I meant lovely <3

I'm not actually sure if this blog is even working. Well hay ho. It can be my secret confidante! Hahaa, now you'll all keep reading for my most intimate secrets ! AND, I shall make sure they are shared. All in good time.

Yeah so if you can read this, then please comment. PLEASE. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE? Just so I feel loved :)

OK, so I'm in a fairly good mood at the moment. Which is rare!
I went for a casual 5 mile walk this morning across the fields and my love for nature, the outdoors, and all things pretty/grand/vingage'y' was re-affirmed. Although now my feet are sore...
Yesterday I watched a lovely programme on entertainment during WW2, just hearing the Jitterbug music made me want to be from that era!

Hmm, I have a love hate relationship with nail polish. Currently, red Barry M. nail polish.
I love to paint my nails and see them painted. BUT alas, as soon as a tiny chip appears in it, it  ALL *HAS* to come off. I think peeling it is half the pleasure of the varnish it'self...

Sorry for the poor picture quality!

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