Friday, 22 April 2011

Well hello darlings.

Hello everyone,
I am fully aware i haven't posted in what seems like forever! I do have excuses, however they are quite poor!
* I have been in Spain, for a week on a Hockey tour ; one of the best weeks of my life for sure!
* I have been focussing on my youtube channel  ( MissBalletKitty ) PLEASE CHECK IT OUT!
* I am lazy.

The latter the primary reason...

Hot weather seduces me into watching Atonement!!!
In the UK at the moment, it is very hot ; reaching 25 degrees in some parts. Far to hot for a fair skinned girl like me, but surprisingly I am quite enjoying it!  It's weather like this that draws me to watch films like Atonement!

This kind of weather also makes me dream of wearing white and whimsical dresses, and delicate ladylike pieces  such as theses below;

My personal favourite!


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